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PrimePlay - Soft Rubber Flooring

PrimePlay Soft rubber floors are ideal choice for playgrounds for children play areas. This Pre-fabricated Tiles range is made strong to withstand the tough weather, yet its soft on ankles and knees to give that tender safety to children. They make the ambience absolutely amazing and attractive for children to play on. Call for PrimeKiddie tiles for anti-skid and sfety needs.


Sizes Available:


  • Tile Size: 500mm x 500mm


  • Tile Thickness:  22mm , 25mm


  • Tile colors: Black, Terracotta, Apple Green, Magenta, Peacock Green, Mettalic Blue, silver Grey



  • Highly cushioned.

  • Soft on knees

  • Easy to install, uninstall and reinstall

  • Ideal for informal play courts, children play area


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All Weather Rubber Tiles
  • Cushioned, Soft on knees

  • Good Grip, Anti-slip

  • Long Lasting

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